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Yearly Scholarship

Ranjit Kaur Sarai was born in Burma (now called Myanmar) on December 31, 1931. She was raised on her family’s dairy farm in Mandalay until 1942 when, as a consequence of the Japanese invasion of Burma during World War II and rising anti-Indian sentiment, she and her family became refugees and fled overland to India on foot, an arduous journey during which many people died. They ultimately returned to Punjab, India, their ancestral home. At age 16, Ranjit was married to Joginder Singh Sarai, a farmer in a neighboring village. She had five children in India. In 1966 she and her children emigrated to the United States to join her husband, who had been working there for several years.  The family settled in the Washington, D.C. area where she had two more children and eventually fourteen grandchildren. Ranjit was an integral part of her community and the absolute center of her family, admired and loved by all. She was widely known in her community for her generosity, hospitality, tolerance, open-heartedness, goodwill and selflessness. She died in Baltimore, MD in 1997 after a long and painful battle with cancer. May Her Soul  Rest In Peace.

Bibi Ranjit Kaur Sarai was a women who perservered throughout her life.  Whenever she faced a trial or tribulation, she did so with strength and courage.  She showed everyone around her how to tackle the challenges that life throws at us.  

In honor of her life, we have set up a $500 scholarship for members of Distinguished Young Women.  This prestigious scholarship will be looking for academic merit, community service, and seek participants who have perservered in their lives.   

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Bibi Ranjeet Kaur Sarai Perseverance Scholarship: Welcome
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